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What can Milksuite Do?

Our mission is to provide you with a single, intuitive platform that brings all your sales and marketing activities together in one place. With Milksuite, you can:

Improve customer relationships

Milksuite’s CRM system allows you to manage your customer relationships and interactions in one place. This includes lead management, customer segmentation, and reporting.

Increase sales and close more deals

Milksuite's sales tools, such as sales pipeline and forecasting, help businesses stay organised, improve sales performance and close more deals.

Expand reach and grow customer base

Milksuite offers a range of marketing tools including email campaigns, social media management, and marketing automation that allows businesses to reach their target audience and grow their customer base.

Automate repetitive tasks and save time

Milksuite's automation capabilities help businesses save time and streamline repetitive tasks, including automating email campaigns, lead follow-ups, and customer segmentation.

Create a professional website or landing page

Milksuite's website builder and hosting services allow businesses to easily create and manage their own website, without the need for technical skills or coding knowledge.

Easily manage and track payments

Milksuite allows businesses to easily manage their payments and transactions all in one place, making it easy to track and manage your financials.

Key features

Take control of your sales and marketing efforts with our dynamic software that adapts to your business 

Powerful CRM

Our intuitive and powerful CRM platform helps you manage your contacts, track interactions, and gain valuable customer insights.

Streamlined Sales

Simplify your sales process with Milksuite's comprehensive sales tools, including lead and deal tracking, sales forecasting, and customisable dashboards.

Automated Marketing

Automate your marketing campaigns with Milksuite's email and text marketing, social media planner, and Trigger Links.

Professional Websites

Build a professional website that's customisable to your brand with our website builder tools.

Secure Payments

Ensure secure payments and manage your finances with Milksuite's payment processing and invoicing features.

Powerful Integrations

Milksuite seamlessly integrates with your favorite apps and tools, making it easy to streamline your workflows and boost productivity.

The All-in-One Software for Management and Growth.

Milksuite is more than just a sales and marketing software – it’s a complete solution for managing and growing your business. With a range of powerful features, you can streamline your sales and marketing efforts, save time and money, and see real results.

10 %
Avg revenue increase
Hours Saved (Month)

Kind words from online industry leaders

"I am completely blown away. Your company is truly upstanding and is behind its product 100%. Paycash should be nominated for service of the year."
John Doe
Larana Founder
"It's really wonderful. Absolutely wonderful! I strongly recommend Paycash to everyone interested in running a successful online business!"
Larissa May
Fauger Founder

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions about Milksuite’s sales and marketing tools. If you can’t find the answer to your question, feel free to contact us and we’ll be happy to help.

Milksuite is a sales and marketing software that helps businesses capture and nurture leads with an all-in-one solution. Our powerful CRM, sales pipeline management, email and text marketing, and automation features can help you streamline your workflow, save time, and see real results.

Milksuite can help improve your business’s efficiency, productivity, and profitability by consolidating all of your sales and marketing activities into one easy-to-use platform. Our customers typically save over 50 hours per month and increase their sales by over 25% by using Milksuite.

Absolutely! Milksuite is designed to be user-friendly and intuitive, and requires little to no technical expertise. Our platform is easy to navigate, and we provide onboarding and customer support to help you get the most out of our software.

Yes! Milksuite integrates seamlessly with other tools and software, including social media, email, calendar, and more. We also integrate with Zapier, enabling you to connect to thousands of third-party apps.

We offer a range of pricing plans to fit your budget and needs, with both monthly and annual billing options available. Our pricing plans start at just £64 per month, and we offer a 14-day free trial so you can try Milksuite before you commit.

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